Updates on the Annual Convention

Elisa O. Tiu, M.D.

This upcoming POGS annual convention is both challenging and exciting.  It would be a convention of many firsts.

…The convention date was moved to a later week, to an unconventional days.  Instead of the usual first days of the second week of November, this time, it would be held on a Friday to Monday of the third week (November 17 – 20, 2017).

…The convention will be technology directed as this will be in preparation for the 2019 international convention which POGS will host.  This is the way to go from 2017 onwards.

…Technology has caught up with us or the other way around.  There will be a very challenging way to spend the convention.  Details of the convention will be available to the member with a touch of a finger on their Android or IOS -powered cellphone.  Talk of getting “techy” in 2017! The MECCA application can be downloaded even 1 week prior the convention date. Upon sign in, details of the convention is now within reach , to include : the whole program schedule at a glance, title of lectures with corresponding speakers and schedules, exhibit area floor map, PICC floor map, schedule of opening, fellowship and closing ceremonies.

…There will be help desks and charging stations placed at strategic locations at the convention site. 

…The Scientific Committee, aside from preparing a scientific program attuned to this year’s theme- Revisit, Restore, and Revitalize, has added another feature. There will be poster/oral presentations which will encourage our members and would-be members to display their scientific works.  Guidelines has already been sent to different institutions.

…Over-flow of delegates has been a problem during the past conventions.  This year, there will be meeting rooms across or near the original place of lecture, which will serve as a hold over room. Delegates can now be seated comfortably while simultaneously viewing the lecture at the other room.

 … The award of Honorary Fellow will be given to Professor Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran from London. The last honorary fellowship award was in 2006 given to Professor P.C. Wong from Singapore.

The usual fellowship night during the convention proper will still hold true but with a twist. It will be held at the Harbor Tent of Hotel Sofitel, with all the glamorous performance of the Board of Trustees, including the regional directors.

The organizing committee is doing its best and are committed to give you an educational (Scientific Program) and entertaining (social events) convention for 2017.

God bless us all!!


Congress Venue

The Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) made history as Asia’s first international convention center. Strategically located in the heart of Manila, the PICC is an architectural landmark designed by Filipino National Artist in Architecture Leandro V. Locsin...

Scientific Program

Scientific Program Primer

View preliminary program primer for the 69th Annual Convention and Anniversary Celebration...

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